Bi-Axial Voided Concrete Slab Technology


Bi-Axial Voided Concrete Slab Technology

Solid flat slab
Risk Reduction
Costs Reduction
Voided biaxial concrete slab system

Technology effects

Reduction of weight
Reduction of concrete
Reduction of energy consumption
Reduction of CO2 emission
Reduction of reinforcement
Reduction of slab thickness
Increased span
Global Partner

UNIDOME Technology

Our partnership with UNIDOME defines a robust cement base of development, dedication and ingenuity. The shared business traits support optimum levels of market & environment centric benefits. The aspects of technical excellence, sustainability and cost efficiency are standardized throughout our everyday processes to ensure optimum qualities and elemental benefits. We are always keen on continuously improving to achieve higher merits in the construction industry.

Global Partner

UNIDOME Technology combines the art of engineering

UNIDOME Technology combines the art of engineering, the understanding of force flows, with the sustainable endeavor to use a minimum of materials in order to manufacture safe structures.

UNIDOME presents the advanced solutions for the controlled voids in slabs to provide flat slabs (without beams or drop panels) with bi-axial load bearing.

Minimal RC material consumption

Simplifies project constructability

Delivers multi-directional load-bearing slabs.

It maximizes the flexibility for designers

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